How We Got Here

Carol Gordon, the co-founder and Director of Heart Menders International, Inc., started a weekly radio program on KTOK, the flagship station of the Clear Channel network in Oklahoma and the largest talk radio station in the state, in 2002. With a mandate from the Lord to "speak to the culture" (our program was the only Christian program on the entire station's roster for many years) and to tell them that "there is help from Heaven," Carol preached, taught, prayed and ministered every week for 6.5 years.

Some of the very best programs were the interviews. She would often have one or more guests in the studio with her or sometimes on the phone.  She even had some "panel" discussions on key topics, such as marriage and the Kingdom of God.  (These interviews can be heard online from our archives HERE.)

Then, this year (2009), the Lord gave a new direction.  He said to stop the radio broadcast and move to Internet video streaming.  So we have launched out into the brave new world of video.  We are streaming a  live weekly program on Tuesdays at 12:30 (CST).  And we are busy recording new teachings and uploading old ones to round out our online video archives.

Also, we have plans to stream our Tuesday night meetings live over the Web in the days to come.


Philippians 2:15-16