Link to Your Video

Many of our guests want to link to the video segment from their website.  Here's how:

1.  Click on the Programs option to the left.

2.  Find your program segment in the list.

3.  Click the "wishbone" laying on its side in the lower right corner of your video. 

4.  Then click the "link" icon at the top.

5.  The address for video program segment will appear in the Address Bar of  your browser.

6.  Highlight the whole address, then copy-and-paste it to your Windows Clipboard.

7.  This is the link you will use to send via email or create a hyperlink to the program in your website.

8.  If you need further technical assistance, please contact us or your I.T. support person.

NOTE:  You can also embed the video viewer panel into a webpage in your website.
Please contact us for more info.